Zuckerberg on freedom of expression, politics and deepfake

Yesterday was a busy day for Mark Zuckerberg: first theintervention at Georgetown University, then the interview granted to the Washington Post microphones. In both cases a common goal: to reiterate how Facebook both at work to find the right balance between transparency, the fight against fake news and the need to protect the freedom of expression.

Zuckerberg on FB and freedom of expression

The number one of the social network it puts us face, as it should be, in a delicate moment for the group that among other things has to deal with the unexpected obstacles encountered along the path of the Libra project. He speaks first of politics and of the election campaign in view of the USA 2020 presidential elections which is now about to enter the heart. Even considering what happened four years ago, the risk of external interference should not be underestimated. The CEO is aware of this, but does not seem willing to use the punch against advertisements and advertising campaigns by nature or at least questionable content.

I do not believe that people want to live in a world where we can only say what technology companies have decided to be 100% true.

Expected to expect less stringent stakes for what the Americans will see appear in their Feeds on FB from here to when they will go to the polls to elect the new tenant of the White House. And regarding the story that recently saw the social network reject the request of the Democratic candidate to the sender Joe Biden for removing pro-Trump content labeled as misinformation (his alleged link with Ukraine to file the investigation into his son's company), Zuckerberg's vision is quite clear.

These are very complex problems and, in general, until it is absolutely clear how to behave, I think it is better to run the risk of making mistakes in favor of greater freedom of expression.

We then talked about deepfake: the first version of Facebook's policy to manage content of this type (potentially able to deceive the viewer) is almost ready. Zuckerberg, despite the awareness that there is still much to do, is convinced that the platform is currently "a much better place" than in the past.

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