your cars will soon lose value

Anyone with a petrol, diesel or gas car will sell it as soon as possible and drive to Tesla: the message it is not in any way veiled, on the contrary. And it is a clearly interested message, albeit perfectly argued: it is the message of Elon Musk , which thus points the finger at users and warns them from wasting time. Never as in this case, explains Musk, time is money.

The world around Tesla also experiences great tensions (from politics to finance, passing through the entire supply chain of the automotive world) and, as well as the outside world is doing everything to detonate the bubble Tesla, in the same way Tesla is doing everything to detonate how old there is in the car world. To resist means to survive, but for Elon Musk this is also the time of the attack. The message is therefore addressed to all those who own a traditional fueled car (diesel, petrol, gas): your time is marked, get out on time.

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According to Musk today's vehicles are destined to lose value even more suddenly than we have become accustomed to in recent years. The logic is clear, therefore: since the time of theelectric is now near, better not to hold in hand vehicles that are not part of it since second-hand demand is set to plummet . In short, those who buy today should be aware of it: buying a diesel today means being out of the market in a few years and therefore having to calculate a much faster – and much more expensive – amortization.

What could be triggered is a cascading effect and those who get trapped will have to pay the consequences: recycling your used equipment will be almost impossible as prices will drop , the bans will multiply and at that point it will be too late to cry over spilled milk. Not only that: Musk also warns that the price of the autonomous driving function (something that today remains mostly out of order) is destined to grow a lot in the years to come, which means that it can be a good and right thing to get on board immediately in waiting for news coming.

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Musk is doing everything he can to launch the revolution, but now he feels the need to gather all the trust he can: fascinating those who already feel tickled, but also by warning from dangers those who still resist the big leap.

When is the event horizon set? Between 2022 and 2025 : everyone must make their own calculations.

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