You get up from the chair and the monitor turns off: the explanation

You get up from chair and the monitor turns off. You sit down and turn on again. No sensors that disable the panel in the name of energy saving or other automatisms. This is what happens in the video shared by Roy van Rijn, director of the Dutch OpenValue team, reported later in the article. What's up?

If you get up from the chair and the monitor turns off, that's the explanation

The clip is going viral, but there is no need to resort to occult theories or exorcisms to unravel the mystery. To provide an explanation of what is happening is DisplayLink, with a document in which responsibility is attributed aelectromagnetic interference generated by gas piston of the chair every time it is stressed. An issue that ends up interacting unexpectedly i video cables connection between the computer (or other device) and the monitor in the vicinity.

Those who find themselves in a situation like this (funny in a video on social media, but frustrating in everyday life) have several options: choose higher quality cables, especially those with a ferrite ring whose job is precisely to cancel interference.

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The same problem can occur with i converters, useful accessories to connect a source and a display equipped with different standards for signal transfer such as DisplayPort-HDMI, DisplayPort-DVI, DisplayPort-VGA and HDMI-VGA. In this case it is better to choose one of the active type or with integrated conversion chip. If all this still does not base, you can always consider changing the chair.

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