Yellow flames against speculation

The e-commerce speculation in the days of the Coronavirus, users first jumped, then consumer associations and at the end of the law enforcement agencies: in these hours a vast operation of the Guardia di Finanza carried out to stop the sale of numerous products of dubious origin, of zero efficacy and with a highly exaggerated price.

The goal of the Yellow Flames is to create obstacles to speculation and looting, which in these days is reaching embarrassing heights and has taken on particular visibility especially on the common window of the Web. The price of the Amuchina and the speculations on the masks, in particular, have led to situations of clear embarrassment for the platforms, but now we are at stake there are 20 complaints and searches in progress in Liguria, Lombardy, Marche, Campania and Calabria.

"Not only the price increased dramatically compared to the current market value", Explains the Guardia di Finanza,"but also the reference to Claims which indicate total protection from COVID-19 have meant that in a few days this fraudulent phenomenon has spread like wildfire, just think that it has come to sell filter masks for over € 5,000 per piece". And they add the Yellow Flames, as a warning to those who buy even before those who sell fraudulently:

All these protective articles are effective but do not guarantee total protection, it depends on the type of mask and how it is used. Despite the recommendations issued by the authorities, many continue to buy disposable surgical masks, so much so that several pharmacies report having run out of stocks of these products.

These are devices capable of protecting against biological sprays or secretions (not surprisingly they are used in operating theaters), but not against fine aerosols, such as those of viruses.

Using the basics of logic during the purchase phase, even during a soft emergency like that of the Coronavirus, would avoid the temptations of the big deal to scammers. The intervention of the authorities cuts off and punishes the most striking cases, with actions that in these hours are active both on the street and on the Web, both in the local markets and on the main online platforms.

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