Windows Defender soon also available for Android and iOS devices

Microsoft announced at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that it will soon be making its antivirus available Windows Defender also for smartphones and other devices running Google Android and Apple iOS.

Microsoft already offers Intune software that IT administrators can use to manage employee PCs, smartphones and tablets. The Defender software coming to Android and iOS is about security rather than management. It is designed to prevent people from visiting websites that Microsoft believes are unsafe.

Defender on Android and iOS: safe is better

Referring to apps approved on the Apple Store and Play, Rob Lefferts, Microsoft corporate vice president commented: "They are safe enough, but safe enough is not the same as safe". People can end up authorizing malware on their Android devices by installing applications they find outside of Google Play, the official Android app repository, said Lefferts.

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In addition, the Microsoft manager said, mobile devices can be subject to phishing, where crackers provide fake interfaces where people can enter usernames and passwords and inadvertently expose their credentials. "Defender could help companies make employees less vulnerable to such attacks."

Microsoft sees revenue of $ 80 billion in the security market, said general manager Andrew Conway during a media briefing at the company's headquarters.

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