Whatsapp on Android soon with a dark theme. New screenshots have been added to the network

Good news for WhatsApp users on Android who are eagerly awaiting implementation of the dark interface theme. In the code of one of the newest test versions of the program, fragments have been discovered that indicate acceleration of related work.

Although the planned date for completing the creation of a new color scheme is of course unknown, the dark theme already looks prepared enough to be made available to users in the near future. Work on dark colors was noticed in the WABateaInfo website, where the majority of the reports related to test versions of the WhatsApp communicator come from.

The dark colors of the interface are to meet people who use the program mainly in the evenings and want to avoid the glaring eyes of the display.

The preparations last several months

The WhatsApp dark theme is a topic that has appeared in the media for at least several months. The first screenshots of the new color scheme were available in October last year. At that time, however, they came from the iOS version application.

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Earlier, we knew about the preparation of the new version of the application interface thanks to WABetaInfo. The first concept of WhatsApp dark colors was presented in September 2018.

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