what is it and what does it serve according to Google

Yesterday, during the Made by Google 2019 event that saw the Mountain View group introduce some new devices, it was made several times reference to the concept of Ambient Computing. We have written about these pages in recent months, when bigG has chosen to make the Home line and the Nest range one.

Ambient Computing according to Google

Let's get back to it today because the vision seems to be increasingly central to Google. The goal is to create a ecosystem around the user, merging hardware, software and services, ensuring that all components work together to support their daily activities efficiently and non-invasively. To better understand what we are talking about we borrow the words of Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President of the Devices & Services division, shared in a post on the official blog and reported below in translated form.

We believe that technology can be even more useful when computing is accessible wherever you need it, always available to help you. Your devices disappear into the background, working together with artificial intelligence and software to support you during your day. This is what we call Ambient Computing.

To play the most important role in a similar context is theartificial intelligence with the Google Assistant ready to take another step in its evolutionary path.

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The intention of bigG is to offer solutions that can come in handy anywhere, regardless of the type of device used or the place where you are, at home as well as in the office or on the move. This is Ambient Computing, making it available to the user potential of hardware and software supported by algorithms AI and machine learning, to perform faster and painless small daily actions whether related to the use of multimedia content or communication, looking for information online for entertainment. It is in this direction that the Mountain View group is moving and in this perspective that its next evolutions will return, at least those destined to the consumer sphere.

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