Wetaxi, the app also lands in Milan and Rome

It was born in Turin, spread throughout Italy and now takes the big step towards the markets of Milan and Rome: Wetaxi, "Platform that allows you to book and share the taxi via smartphone ensuring transparency with the guaranteed rate", will put users in touch with over 2300 taxis on the territory of the two metropolitan cities, thus becoming a viable solution even on two of the main national squares for taxi transport.

Wetaxi conquers Milan and Rome

1800 taxis are part of the Milanese cooperative Taxiblu (02.4040), while another 500 taxis are part of the Roman cooperative Samarkand (06.5551). And this is how the system works, as already widely known to users of the service:

Thanks to the close partnerships with the major Italian radiotaxis, Wetaxi allows using the smartphone app to book the taxi knowing in advance the maximum price of the ride, simply by entering the point of departure and arrival. Once at the destination, Wetaxi guarantees payment in the app of the lower value between that calculated at the time of booking and that indicated by the taximeter.

No surprise, in short: users can pay by credit card, PayPal or Satispay and have the certainty of being able to pay a maximum amount equal to that estimated by the app during the call and reservation.

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Wetaxi: how it works

Not only that: thanks to the possibility of sharing the trip, Wetaxi allows fewer rides and greater sharing of the total expense.

We are transforming the urban transport service guaranteed by taxis and we are proud that Taxiblu and Samarkand have chosen to embrace our technology to bring even more innovation and transparency to Milan and Rome. Our aim is not just to provide citizens with a more reliable way to book taxis, but also to support radio taxis and taxi drivers themselves, offering them the smart tools needed to intercept younger targets and become more competitive and profitable. The two values ​​that guide us every day are sharing and collaboration, with the aim of building a digital platform that can simplify and improve life in the city.

Massimiliano Curto, Founder and Director of Wetaxi

For all those who will try Mytaxi for the first time on the streets of Milan or Rome, there will be a discount of 10 euros on the first trip.

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