Well done Facebook! Finally, they started slimming Messenger and removing irrelevant additions

Instant Games is a feature that has been present in Messenger for over three years. Fun with friends from the conversation level has become popular among users (20 billion sessions), but it looks like we will soon be saying goodbye to this interesting but aggravating optionality. Facebook decided to take a rather radical step.

At the beginning of this year, the Facebook Gaming tab was created on Facebook, where everything related to games is available – live broadcasts, recordings, as well as the productions themselves. It is in this section that all the “instant games” currently on Messenger will be transferred.

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This change is very good from the perspective of the comfort of using the messenger. This one is to take up much less space and not burden the system too much. The change is not so surprising, because plans to slim down Messenger have been known for a long time. Many users, however, actively use Instant Games, so “getting rid” of them can be a big blow.

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The update will take place in stages. Starting this summer, Instant Games will not appear in the new version of the iOS program, and only then the change will cover devices working on Android. At the end there will be no trace of “messenger” games.

As additionally informs Facebook, it is planned to launch a completely new gaming application that is to connect all players in one place. There are currently no details.

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