Welcome Mustang Mach-E: reservations in Italy are underway

A delicate four-wheeled oxymoron is about to descend on Italian roads and for fans it already sounds like poetry. There Ford Mustang Mach-E it puts in the same concept all the muscularity of the Mustang brand with all the elegance of theelectric . Power and silence, aggression and lightness, with a striking aesthetic result and the birth of a car destined to tease a new audience.

The model has already been unveiled prematurely, telling an evolution that seems to be marked in the best way: classic lines hide a completely new heart, while fully confirming the philosophy of a historical line. "Unmistakable", always, and in some ways now even more peculiar for the way in which the ending "Mach-E”Becomes a plus that intends to enhance this leap into the future.

Ford Mustang Mach-E: welcome to Italy

Up to 600 km of autonomy, fast charging with direct current up to 150 kW, use of the phone as a key to open and turn on the Mustang Mach-e: are just some of the available technologies that offer the customer superior experience and comfort.

It starts from 49 thousand euros for a model with 600km of autonomy, but if you want an emphasis on the 4 × 4 sports set-up and acceleration, the basic configuration starts at € 57,500. In just 10 minutes of charging, you can extend your 93km journey.

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From the beginning it is obviously possible to use the government incentives of up to 6000 euros .

It is impossible not to notice how in many respects the influence of the competition of Tesla , starting from the large central display that characterizes the passenger compartment. But after all it would be impossible to deny the comparison: the Mustang has the difficult task of captivating an audience that lets itself be attracted more by the sound of innovation than by the roar of an engine, therefore in the silence of the electric one looks for the right key to unhinge the rival brand.

Reservations begin today, perhaps in one of the moments worse for the automotive world-wide. For better or for worse, however Ford it will be a very high level challenge in the future.

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