we will also talk about the Copyright Directive

Almost a year after the approval by Europe, we return to talk about the Copyright Directive just in the days of Sanremo festival. Today FIMI announces that on the occasion of the event, our local record industry will make an appeal to the Government and in particular to Minister Dario Franceschini for Italy to implement it as soon as possible.

Sanremo, between Festival and Copyright Directive

For the Italian Music Industry Federation, this is "an essential tool to ensure better and more balanced access to digital content, ensuring adequate remuneration and greater responsibility for the platforms". The will is also to definitively project the sector in the age of streaming, a way of using the music increasingly important for artists, labels and majors. These are the words of Innocenzo Cipolletta, President of Confindustria Cultura.

The Copyright Directive, approved by the Brussels Parliament after years of debate, represents a balance between the interests of consumers, platforms and content creators for a healthy and effective development of the digital economy of cultural products. We trust in the responsibility always shown by Minister Franceschini for the no longer delayed transposition of the rules into Italian law.

Recall that tomorrow, Friday 7 February at 18:00 at Casa SIAE in Sanremo, will be staged General States of the Music Industry. The appointment is configured as a round table involving also the main trade associations.

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