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The old continent is preparing to establish new rules intended for the activity of big names in the online world. On the discussion table, important issues, starting from the Digital Tax considered a top priority and which will allow individual countries to retain a part of the profits generated on the territory by companies such as Google, Amazon or Facebook.

Europe: "Facebook adapts to us, not vice versa"

And it is on the social network in blue that a member of the European Commission, more specifically regarding the advanced proposal yesterday by the company regarding the rules to be defined on content and business. The comment by Thierry Breton, commissioner for the internal market and services, published by Reuters is as concise as it is direct, and which we report below in translated form.

It is not for us to adapt to the company, it is for the company to adapt to us.

In short, a dry "no thanks" with the proposal sent back to the sender. There are two main reasons for such a position: in his white paper, Facebook does not mention in any way the problems related to its own market leadership and does not clearly assume the responsibility which instead are to be attributed to a company that extends its range of action to about half of the world's population.

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The announcement of the proposals made by theEurope on how to regulate the activity of big tech US and some Chinese companies financially supported by Beijing. It also provides for the formulation of standards addressed to artificial intelligence.

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