we need rules for artificial intelligence, including Tesla

Anyone who deals with Artificial intelligence at a high level it should operate under strict regulation. Word of Elon Musk, an entrepreneur who is building part of his fortune on artificial intelligence. His is an interested discussion, of course, and he doesn't hold back on that "Tesla included ”Which also throws its own company into the cauldron.

Artificial Intelligence must be regulated

Artificial Intelligence is the basis of the rules with which the autonomous driving, but is also the basis of a long series of other processes with a potentially very strong impact in any area. The warning launched by Musk it is certainly not the first in the series: from Bill Gates onwards, there have been many worried reflections on the topic and when a group of the caliber of Tesla stands in favor of regulation it means that the time has come for a much more serious study.

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In the same hours in which the Ministry of Innovation and Digitization in Italy signed a memorandum of understanding for the adoption of Artificial Intelligence in the world of Public Administration, Elon Musk tweeted his concerns on the topic from overseas:

To specific question, Elon Musk answers by arguing that both individual national governments and broader international agreements have a duty to legislate on this, avoiding abandoning the sector to deregulation: the stakes are too high. Not only that: Musk's tweets seem to dishearten that one OpenAI that Musk had supported in its early stages, asking for greater openness in the project and making it clear that it was not aligned with the conduct undertaken in recent months.

Between the lines we read in the tweets of Musk la search for better governance for Artificial Intelligence , something that creates a reliable support that can give certainty to those who intend to invest in the sector. Now that autonomous driving is preparing for its decisive step, in fact, Tesla needs to be able to operate in a clearer and more coherent, and homogeneous, legislative framework. It is not a matter of days or even months, but the work to be done on AI is complex and the time is ripe to begin a collective journey of greater awareness.

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