Waymo removes the security operator from self-driving cars

Perhaps it will also be thanks to the IA algorithms developed by DeepMind that the team of Waymo has improved its system of autonomous driving so much so that it is now considered reliable enough to offer a 100% public transport service based on the self-driving car. The company, controlled by Californian Alphabet, has every intention of playing a leading role in the new era of mobility.

Waymo: self-driving car without operator

Users who have already chosen the Waymo One service proposed in the Phoenix area for their movements are receiving an email these days entitled "Completely driverless Waymo cars are on the way" or "The completely autonomous Waymo cars are coming". This means that the cars could soon disappear from thesecurity operator up to now present on board instead of the driver and ready to take the vehicle controls in case of need or emergency.

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Yet another step in the path that will lead (according to the most optimistic) within a few years to be able to have the means to govern any aspect of driving, in complete safety, interpreting in a timely manner and in real time what happens on the roadway. At the base of all a complex hardware and software apparatus that Google first and then Waymo have gradually perfected with a project that has been going on for about ten years, started as an experimental initiative in Mountain View and now ready to reach Europe too.

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