Warner Bros will employ an AI for films to be brought to the cinema

The world of cinema is changing. The ways of using content evolve, with an attention increasingly focused on streaming. An example is provided by Quibi, the newly announced premium service intended for a public linked to the mobile universe, already capable of gathering important collaborations between Hollywood directors and actors. A world that will also change thanks toartificial intelligence.

An AI for cinema at the service of Warner Bros.

Comes from Warner Bros. the announcement of an initiative that intends to exploit the potential of AI to make an accurate forecast of the box office receipts, estimating the fair compensation for the cast to be involved in the project and recommending the best period for the debut in the room. In other words, a system structured so as to support the studios in the decision-making process that accompanies the birth and debut of each film.

The software house developed it Cinelytic with the stated goal of dealing with all those chores and operations that would otherwise end up taking away precious time from managers, screenwriters and other staff members. An automatism, nothing more, at least for now. At the moment the risk of seeing films made ad hoc by an artificial intelligence only in the name of profit arrive on the big screen, meeting the often questionable taste of the general public (we know that for cinepanettoni no AI needed).

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Staying on the subject, in recent months we have written about the GD-IQ algorithm: Spellcheck for Bias whose goal is to analyze the scripts so as to highlight any critical issues regarding discrimination or gender inequality. Disney is also among those interested in using it.

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