VPNs are considered safe, but they are in Chinese hands

VPNs are tunnels (check best VPN list) through which private network traffic flows. There are currently 97 services of this type in the world, and they belong to a total of 23 different companies. Interestingly, most of them operate in China – a country where the penalty for using them is even a lifetime loss of Internet access.

Computerweekly has arrived at VPNpro’s geolocation research. Tests showed that 30 percent VPN networks are controlled by a total of six Chinese companies. Some of these networks are shared by various entities – in real terms it gives 10 independent VPNs. A lot of entities are also registered in equally undemocratic ā€¦ Pakistan.

This is worrying because privacy regulations are not being respected in these countries. It is enough to remind about detected cases of downloading spyware on smartphones to tourists. Thus, the VPN is becoming the next gate for the Central Government government, allowing to monitor the activity of Internet users from around the world.

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This threat is explained by Laura Kornelija from VPNpro in a comment for Computerweekly: “We do not accuse any of the companies of doing something illegal. However, we are afraid that so many VPN providers are not entirely transparent entities – it is not known exactly who owns and where they are registered. Many users would be shocked that the data transmitted via VPNs can be used in countries such as China or Pakistan. “

Therefore, to avoid Big Brother’s eyesight, scientists recommend prudently choosing a VPN. Preferably those that do not monitor user activity. Unfortunately, it is mainly the providers of paid services that can actually demonstrate that the service provides full privacy. Security has a price.

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