Visa and Mastercard out of the Facebook project?

The attention reserved by the authorities at global level and some uncertainty about the possible success of the initiative seem to have at least partially extinguished the enthusiasm that accompanied the announcement of Libra in recent months, so much so that some Facebook partners in the project seem to be considering abandoning the project. These include the two credit card giants Visa is MasterCard.

Some crunch in the Libra Association

To make it known is the Wall Street Journal, with an article that throws more fuel on the fire. The source speaks of different realities operating in the financial sphere that are reconsidering their involvement in the Libra Association: among the 28 members there are also PayPal, PayU, Stripe and Coinbase just to give some examples. They would not be willing to accept Facebook's invitation to publicly expose themselves in favor of cryptocurrency, starting and participating in person in the marketing campaigns necessary to promote its use before the debut that currently remains fixed for next year.

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Today's report echoes that published in August which has already talked about possible defections among Libra's first supporters. The reassurances that continuously come directly from the social network in order to calm the waters and proceed compact in preparing the necessary platform for the launch of the virtual currency.

No comments were received on the three companies involved in today's rumors (Visa, Mastercard and Facebook). Things seem to have got complicated anyway. One is not to be excluded launch slip, so that the cryptocurrency can operate in full compliance with the provisions of the various countries while trying to achieve its particularly ambitious goal: "transforming the global economy".

The theme was also touched on in an internal meeting at FB that he saw Mark Zuckerberg interface with its employees in July. A meeting recorded by one of those present and whose content ended yesterday on the pages of the overseas press.

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