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The Cisco and Google Duo Security teams have worked together for about two months with the common goal of making money Chrome Web Store a safer platform, leading to the elimination of over 500 extensions intended for browser, deemed harmful to privacy and information.

Google and Cisco for the cleaners of the Chrome Web Store

An initiative certainly worth appreciating, but considered how the components were before the removal downloaded by at least 1.7 million users the extent of the impact is yet to be assessed. The Mountain View group however makes it known that for those who have installed them, deactivation occurs automatically, without requiring any intervention.

The trashed components took care to secretly perform unauthorized operations while browsing, in order to view malicious advertisements (malavertising), then diverting Chrome to specific sites, sometimes passing through an affiliate link that points to legitimate sites such as Macys, Dell or BestBuy, in other cases instead ending up showing a page linked to a campaign of phishing or the link to download the malicious code.

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The extensions were believed to be part of a large-scale operation conducted for at least two years. The authors (not directly mentioned) would also have been active in this type of scam since the beginning of the last decade. The discovery is attributable to Jamila Kaya, a researcher at Duo Security, who after collecting some sufficient evidence independently, contacted Google to work side by side on solving the problem.

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