Verily's site to request coronavirus tests

As anticipated over the weekend, among the initiatives put in place in the United States in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus one passes from the direct involvement of Verily, subsidiary of the parent company Alphabet which also controls Google. Through the platform Project Baseline the Mountain View team has put online a place through which those who fear being infected can request access to a test.

COVID-19: Verily and Project Baseline

At the moment the possibility is limited to California and even more in detail to those who reside in the counties of Santa Clara and San Mateo. These i requirements to be able to access the control: be 18 years old, be a resident of the United States, be in one of the counties that currently have tests, be able to read and speak English and sign a special authorization form.

Verily's site to help the U.S. cope with the coronavirus emergency

The questions of the survey concern the presence of symptoms such as coughing, difficulty breathing or fever.

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The questions asked by Verily's site for access to coronavirus tests

At the end, even in the case of affirmative answers to each question, a message is communicated at the moment that communicates theinability to make other appointments. Apparently the site was stormed and the available slots sold out in no time. In any case, priority is assigned to subjects deemed to be at risk according to the criteria established by the California Department of Health.

Verily, Project Baseline and tests for coronavirus: slots sold out

Someone raised doubts about the fact that for the use of the service a mandatory is required Google account. For its part, the Mountain View group says that this will be useful for collecting and analyzing all the answers provided as well as for fixing coronavirus tests and communicating the results in a short time. The company also stresses that the information will in no way be connected to that of other products or services or used for advertising or marketing purposes.

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