user data in China?

From California a class action against ByteDance for a practice considered harmful to the privacy of those present on the platform TikTok: it is claimed that subscriber information is sent to servers located in China and managed by others such as Tencent and Alibaba. A story that emerged less than 24 hours after the one that raised doubts about alleged discriminatory practices.

Does TikTok user data end up in China?

Data transfer would take place without first requesting authorization from the data subjects concerned. About the topic privacy, the Asian group that manages the service has intervened in recent months to shed light on some points, including that concerning the methods of collection, saving and localization of the contents. Below is the passage in question.

We save US user data in the United States with a redundant backup in Singapore. Our data centers are located entirely outside of China and none of the information is subject to Chinese law.

The dynamics must therefore be clarified to understand whether the complaint brought in the United States is founded or not. It will be important to do it in a short time also in consideration of the user that the application has so far shown to be able to attract: young and very young (as well as our own political leaders).

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Finally, we emphasize that in China the platform operates separately and under another name, douyin. The downloads of the two versions recorded globally have now exceeded 1.5 billion. ByteDance, which controls it following the acquisition of for a billion dollars, according to rumors it is about to launch a streaming music, a search engine and initiatives related to the territory e-commerce. Among its investors there is also the Japanese SoftBank, already in control of ARM and Boston Dynamics.

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