US and guns made with 3D printers: new chapter

The files to be fed to 3D printers to produce the components to be assembled then in one gun potentially lethal cannot be distributed freely. This was established by federal judge Robert Lasnik, overturning the Trump administration's decision dating back to July last year to end the lawsuit brought by the Texan Defense Distributed against the Justice Department.

Guns and 3D printers: United States backflip

For those who were not aware of it, DD is a US organization that in 2013 published useful projects on the Web production of a firearm composed entirely of 3D printed parts. A project blocked at first by Washington during Obama's mandate and revived with the aforementioned 2018 agreement. So Lasnik explains the new position.

The production of unidentifiable firearms poses a threat to world peace and to US interests related to national security.

In any case, Defense Distributed has the right to appeal. With the following statement, Chad Flores, spokesman for the organization, appealed to First Amendment and to the freedom of word.

The First Amendment protects freedom of speech from any restriction, including indirect censorship attempts as in this case. States are not authorized to require the federal government to execute their unconstitutional requests, even by resorting to the pretext of legal technicalities.

However, DD has already found a way in the past circumvent the block, simply by sending the files to private applicants, without making them accessible for public download.

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