TV advertising is reborn with augmented reality

There Television advertising could take a step forward, arriving at a far more widespread distribution granularity than today and potentially able to challenge online advertising. Which, forcefully, would represent an incredible boost for the performance of the ads on TV. However, we are not talking about the traditional advertisement, but about the filming of live events, especially sports.

The trick is offered by digitalization, by augmented reality, by 4K shooting and intelligent image management.

DBRLive: live events, custom advertising

The project is in the hands of the Finnish company Supponor OY, having a focus on creations for augmented reality, and everything revolves around proprietary technology DBRLive. This is an idea supported – also financially – by the European Union and could represent an incredible channel of monetization for the years to come, something that could also impact the current economic balances of a sector in which advertising has a primary voice .

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Stadium advertising

The explanation is offered precisely by the EU:

DBRLive digitally replaces advertising on billboards during live sports broadcasts. Personalize your advertising content with different live video feeds from the same sporting event for a diverse audience around the world. When players, the ball or anything else hinders physical advertising, DBRLive transmits perfect images in real time.

Exact: the traditional billboard can be replaced by an alternative live image, without any interference with what happens on the pitch. While the billboard shows useful advertisements in the stadium, therefore, the relative digital representation is projected on TV according to the needs of the moment. Potentially, therefore, the signal can be managed differently in different countries, so that the announcement can be translated into the best language and brand in order to have greater efficiency and maximum performance.

Innovation is undergoing changes before production. Existing optics are being updated to meet 4K requirements and NIR cameras are being updated to achieve more sensitive and high resolution models.

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