Trump's opening to Huawei: new licenses coming?

Today we point out a new chapter in the increasingly complex case concerning the relationships that bind the United States and the China and, in detail, the ban imposed by the US Department of Commerce a Huawei. The inclusion of the Shenzhen group in the Entity List announced in May effectively prevents US companies from supplying technology and components to be allocated to the products and services of the Chinese company.

USA-Huawei: is Trump's opening?

The only viable way is the one that passes by obtaining the appropriate ones licensing issued by Washington. Over 130 requests received in a few months. One was assigned to Qualcomm, with the San Diego chipmaker that has recently resumed supply of components. According to what the New York Times reports today, the green light it would be about to light up for other companies that in recent months have been forced to deal with the forced loss of an important customer like Huawei.

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At the moment, however, there are no official confirmations on the matter, everything is to be labeled as a corridor entry. THE products that US companies can deliver to Ren Zhengfei's company are those attributable to the types "Not sensitive" or easily replaceable with alternatives that can be purchased from companies that are located in foreign countries.

In the coming days, a meeting will be staged in Washington that will see representatives from the United States and China sit around a table again in an attempt to end the trade war between the two superpowers that has been going on for over a year, fought also with import duties.

All this while the date of November 19 is approaching. Then the second extension from 90 days will expire ban granted in August by Washington to ensure that Huawei can temporarily continue to work with US companies.

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