TIM id with free Web Video identification

Among the resources made available at no cost in these days characterized by the coronavirus emergency there is also the possibility of obtaining TIM id through Web video identification completely free of charge. For those who are not aware of it, it isdigital identity which allows access to the online services of the Public Administration and to the sites that adhere to the SPID system.

All citizens residing in Italy, following the urgent measures to contain contagion from COVID-19 defined at government level, will be able to request the TIM id digital identity for free directly from home using the Web Video identification mode.

TIM id with free Web Video identification

As for i requirements A computer, smartphone or tablet with a working webcam (or camera) and microphone is required. For the purposes of the operation, you must also have a valid identity document and a health card with you. For the companies the price of the service is discounted at 8.11 euros instead of 16.31 euros (excluding VAT) until March 31st.

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The methods of recognition for TIM id

As can be seen from the image above, the others recognition mode for TIM id they are those that require the use of the National Service Card (or Health Card) or qualified signature (electronic or digital). At the moment, for obvious reasons, it is better not to opt for the formula "in person" which involves a move.

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