There are 16 accusations made by the United States to Huawei

in United States the Department of Justice and the FBI have officially disclosed the 16 charges moves against Huawei as well as some of its subsidiaries and Meng Wanzhou, the CFO arrested in Canada at the end of 2018 and now awaiting a judgment on the request for extradition to the USA. A new chapter in the increasingly long and complex affair that sees Washington and the Chinese group for some time now at loggerheads.

Huawei: the 16 accusations of the USA

The company is primarily attributed with the violation of RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act), regulatory system in force overseas since 1970 and introduced with the specific objective of combating the organized crime.

There are references to practices implemented over the past two decades that have led to, among other things theft of industrial secrets and intellectual property in order to grow the Chinese company's business. In the past, on these pages we have written, among other things, of the events concerning Akhan Semiconductor's Miraj Diamond Glass technology and T-Mobile's Tappy robot for smartphone testing. We refer to the individual articles for further information.

Among the charges also the one for the theft of the source code of a software used in router of an unspecified US company (probably Cisco) destined for Huawei products.

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Industrial espionage and commercial sanctions

It also describes real actions of espionage. One of these was implemented at an event organized in Chicago when an engineer belonging to a company affiliated to Huawei was discovered after the evening closing of the show on a competitor's stand, intent on removing the cover of a network device to photograph it. internal components. The Shenzhen group has already intervened on the case by saying that it did it of its own free will.

Another case cites the unauthorized sharing among its engineers of the presentation received from an external reality and clearly labeled as "confidential". The details contained therein would then have been screened for a possible use of the technology described in Huawei's prototypes. Still, there is talk of economic bonuses assigned on a monthly basis to employees and collaborators capable of steal confidential information from competitors with the same purpose.

To the picture are added the alleged collaborations of the Chinese company with companies present in Iran is South Korea, carefully organized in order to remain hidden so as not to trigger the alarm for the violation of trade sanctions established by the U.S. against these countries. The words entrusted to a joint statement by Richard Burr and Mark Warner, senators who are members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence parliamentary body, were very harsh.

The charges paint the shocking portrait of an illegitimate organization that lacks any respect for the law.

Huawei's replica

The reply from the Shenzhen group was not long in coming (we report it below in translated form). As already happened in the past, the company reiterates thegroundlessness of the charges.

This new charge is part of an attempt by the Department of Justice to irrevocably damage Huawei's reputation and business for competition and not law enforcement reasons. The "racketeer" that the government is talking about today is nothing more than an artificial repackaging of some civil cases almost twenty years old and which have never been the basis for any meaningful monetary judgment against Huawei. The government will not prevail with these accusations which we will prove to be both unfounded and incorrect.

The 56 page document published by Justice Department is FBI refers, in addition to the aforementioned Meng Wanzhou, to Huawei Technologies, Huawei Device, Huawei Device Usa, Futurewei Technologies and Skycom Tech. All this while the ban imposed last May remains in force and is in fact likely to strengthen, without forgetting the discussions regarding the involvement of the Chinese group in the supply of equipment destined for 5G networks which are also holding a bench in Europe.

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