the UN forbids it to officials

It's not a secure communication system, don't use it. This is the diktat of United Nations imposed on its officers and managers regarding Whatsapp. The news transpires today from the pages of Reuters, closing a very hot week for the Facebook application dedicated to chats, among the most famous and widespread in the world.

WhatsApp banned for United Nations officials

In recent days, new revelations about the compromise of Jeff Bezos' smartphone apparently occurred through a message sent from the personal phone of Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Just theUN asked the United States to launch an official investigation into the matter. We refer to the articles linked here for further information.

So a spokesman replied to the question regarding the possibility that António Guterres, former Prime Minister of Portugal and now Secretary General of the United Nations, has entrusted WhatsApp to communicate with the royal family of theSaudi Arabia.

UN officers and senior representatives were instructed not to use WhatsApp, as it is not supported by a secure system. So I don't think the Secretary General uses it.

The team's response to the work on the application, which for some years now has been controlled by Facebook, was not long in coming.

Each private message is protected by end-to-end encryption to prevent WhatsApp and others from seeing chats. The cryptographic technology was developed with Signal and is evaluated very positively by security experts, so much so as to be considered one of the best in the world available to end users.

The MP4 video sent by Mohammed bin Salman to Jeff Bezos and held responsible for the violation he may have leveraged one vulnerability note, that already exploited by the spyware software Pegasus of the Israeli software house NSO Group. Given the reputation of the victim who remained involved in the attack and the potential diplomatic repercussions, we will certainly return to write about the developments.

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