The UK will decide on Huawei and 5G: US pressure

Any decision not to prevent operators from adopting equipment provided by Huawei for setting up networks 5G British, focusing on the desire to mitigate risks through a series of measures designed ad hoc, would be "nothing short of crazy" (we quote verbatim) according to the United States. This is what is stated in USA dossier now in the hands of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is expected to make his position known later this month.

Huawei, 5G and UK: pressure from the USA

According to reports from the UK press, a US delegation flew to London yesterday with the aim of putting pressure on Her Majesty's government. Also present at the meeting were Matt Pottinger (Deputy National Security Adviser), Christopher Ford (Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Non-Proliferation) and Robert Blair (Special Representative for International Telecommunications Policy). In the documents delivered the detailed description of the alleged national security risks related to the installation of 5G infrastructures produced by the Chinese giant. This is the phrase attributed to one of the meeting participants:

It would be like instructing Russia to deal with the anti-doping of athletes.

The UK has stated in the past that it intends to contain a possible threat by using Huawei's equipment only for the peripheral parts of its networks, therefore not integrating them into the central hubs delegated to convey the data. For the United States it is not so simple: such a decision would endanger information belonging to private citizens, companies and institutions.

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The story is likely to have repercussions also at diplomatic level: the US Congress has in fact introduced a rule that provides for a review of the intelligence reports with the allied countries that rely on equipment supplied by companies labeled as a potential security risk. At the same time, giving up the collaboration with Huawei would lead to an increase in costs for UK operators and to an increase in relations between London and Beijing. The Shenzhen group for its part rejects all accusations: the statement given to a spokesperson follows.

Two parliamentary committees concluded last year that there are no technical reasons for excluding us from the supply of 5G equipment. We are confident that the government will make a decision based on concrete evidence and not on unfounded accusations.

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