The Tesla Model S driver burned in the vehicle

In Davie, Florida, Tesla driver hit the tree and lost consciousness. Passers-by was not able to get him out of the burning car due to blocked handles. The man died on the spot.

tesla S car

According to the initial police report, the main cause of the accident could have been speed. The driver entered the roadside trees with impetus, passing through three lanes earlier. Witnesses reported that the man was not conscious when trying to get him out of the car. Under the impact of the collision, the Tesla batteries exploded and the fire began to spread rapidly. The driver burned inside the car.

Perhaps it could be saved if not for the failure of the door handle system. In the Model S, they are designed to hide inside while driving, providing a streamlined vehicle shape. Here, after the accident, the door handles did not slide out. Passers-by also could not break the window before the fire spread inside the car. It is difficult to blame the manufacturer for the driver’s fault, which caused the collision, but it turns out that the problem with the system of ejecting the door handles is quite common. In the Tesla forum you can find many user entries that complain about this issue. On the other hand, in many cases with Tesla cars, it turned out after time that support systems were not in fault, but drivers who ignored the warnings. There were also situations when AI saved the life of the driver.

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