The sovereign Internet of Russia comes to life: tests have started

Following the intentions expressed with a law signed in recent months, the Russia takes another step in the direction it intends to bring the country to have its own Sovereign Internet. A national network, closed, able to function in a detached and independent way from the global Web. According to reports from some local editorial offices, the tests have already started.

Russia, sovereign Internet: general rehearsals are underway

The fears related to an initiative of this type are clearly understandable, also considering that we are talking about the largest nation on the planet, with borders that touch Europe on one side and the more remote Asia on the other. About that Vladimir Putin pointed out in one declaration in recent days that it is a project with exclusively defensive purposes. These are his words about Runet.

Internet free and sovereign, the two concepts are not in contradiction. The law is aimed exclusively at preventing the adverse consequences of a disconnection from the global network which is largely controlled by foreign countries. This is the point, this means sovereignty: having our resources to be able to access so as not to be cut off the Net.

The realization of such an idea could have repercussions on a global level, not only from the point of view technological, but also cheap is diplomatic. At the moment it is not clear what progress has been achieved so far nor in what direction it is heading.

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Remaining on the subject, we recall that in August an attack on IoT devices attributed to the group was identified Strontium (also known as APT28, Tsar Team and Fancy Bear), supported by the Moscow government and held in the past responsible for both the well-known violations perpetrated against Hillary Clinton and the theft of data that in 2016 stole the medical records managed by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

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