the shared folder becomes a work area

After having introduced in recent months a profound restyling of the platform, to tell the truth not everyone welcomed with open arms, Dropbox announces today at the Work in Progress conference another novelty dedicated to those who work in teams: it's called Spaces and the stated objective is to transform shared folders into work areas within which to intervene in a coordinated manner on documents and contents.

Dropbox presents Spaces

A single one organized environment, where you can use features such as image search, suggestions provided by an artificial intelligence system based on the history of the activities performed, file previews, calendar integration for the planning of commitments or appointments and the "key points" on which to focus attention in a priority manner so as to carry out tasks efficiently. Added to this is an overview of notifications and events, project synchronization and file transfer with Transfer.

Dropbox Spaces

Other news revealed are those related todesktop app of Dropbox that after a long test phase is available starting from these days for all users and to new features for the administrators of the Business plans. Also announced a 5 million dollar investment in BetterCloud in order to increase the level of security offered by the platform.

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Dropbox Spaces

To understand what is the road taken by Dropbox and how the company is gradually changing the nature of its core business, with the aim of going well beyond the service of cloud storage, we refer to the words of CEO and founder Drew Houston.

We think you will stop thinking about Dropbox as a storage service, looking at it instead as a place to find help to get your work done.

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