the Replay playlist with plays from 2019

That period of the year is approaching, one in which to make budgets and draw conclusions from the past twelve months. The platforms will also do it streaming: the first is Apple Music who launches today Replay. An initiative very similar to what Spotify with Wrapped has been doing for a long time, offering users an overview of what they heard from January to December.

The 2019 Replay on Apple Music

It is in short a custom playlist which collects songs with the highest number of reproductions of 2019. Users who have had an account for the longest time can do the same with the past years, possibly downloading the pieces in the internal memory for listening in offline mode. There are also options for sharing. Replay can be accessed directly in the service application or via the browser (the desktop interface is available a few months ago) at the address linked to the end of the article.

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Replay for Apple Music

Today the music streaming market is still dominated by Spotify with its 113 million premium subscribers confirmed at the end of October. The share of users rises to 248 million if you also consider those who accept to listen to advertisements between one song and another, so as not to put your hand in your wallet. The gap to be filled for Apple Music is substantial: 60 million paid subscribers in June.

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