the problems of January 23, 2020

Network Vodafone in difficulty in these hours throughout Italy, with problems that seem to cross the group's border until it reaches the controlled brand I have. Service interruptions have been reported from North to South with a peak in the early evening and reports that seem to multiply as always on social networks.

The outages involved the late afternoon 4G network, but according to some reports, they also occurred on the fixed network. At a first reading this last aspect seems to be minimal, and therefore occasional and simply concomitant with what is the real problem highlighted on the mobile network.

Vodafone, disservice of 23 January 2020

Vodafone, disservice of 23 January 2020

At the moment, no official confirmations or explanations are received from Vodafone's assistance channels, but the problem has been occurring for a few hours and in all likelihood the group is trying to intervene to resolve the problems as soon as possible. The explanations will come only later, for now the group is limited to an awareness of the disservice and responds to the tweets of complaints asking for time for resolution.

To follow the situation in real time you just have to read (between anger and irony) the reactions of users on Twitter, gathered around the traditional hashtag #vodafonedown

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