the Potensic D50 drone with GPS and Full HD footage on offer

Aerial footage in Full HD with Potensic D50, a drone able to follow the user completely automatically, for example during training sessions (as shown in the image below). It is on offer on Amazon in these groups at price of 111.99 euros, occasion of the Cyber ​​Monday to set aside spectacular shots of their training sessions.

Potensic D50: drone for Full HD shooting on offer

It also integrates a localization module GPS so as to move in the air following the set route or maintain the altitude and then return to the take-off position without any command: a useful feature if the battery (1,500 mAh, 15 minutes of autonomy) is almost flat or the signal is lost.

The Potensic D50 drone

Also supplied a radio for controlling Potensic D50 from distance. The complete bundle is offered with the 30% discount compared to the list price in these days between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

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