the Pentagon may ask for further restrictions

Unlike what has been assumed in recent weeks, in all probability Huawei will not find an unexpected ally in Pentagon to oppose the United States ban. Indeed, according to new revelations published by Reuters, the Department of Defense seems willing to ask for the introduction of new limitations to the business of the Chinese group.

Huawei: the ban of the USA and the position of the Pentagon

They therefore risk to become further complicated i relations between US companies and the Shenzhen giant as regards the supply of components and technologies. Any further restrictive measures will be decided only after the meeting that Wilbur Ross (Secretary of Commerce of the Trump administration) and Mark Esper (Secretary of Defense) will gather around the same table next week. Another meeting on the topic is scheduled for February 28 that will involve high-level officials and authorities.

We report below in translated form the declaration attributed yesterday to Department of Commerce, dicastery that in May 2019 included Huawei in the Entity List the US thus officially kicking off the ban.

We continuously review and update export controls to meet the challenges posed by an acceleration in the diffusion and innovation of technologies.

The reasons are the same repeated for almost a year now: the United States points the finger at Huawei, defining the company's activity potentially harmful to the national security, because of his alleged close collaboration with the government of the Asian country. For its part, the group, a world leader in the supply of network infrastructures and the second largest manufacturer of smartphones globally (behind Samsung and in front of Apple), has always rejected the accuser against the sender, calling it unfounded.

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Obviously there are also the players in the game affairs of American companies who in the recent past have entered into agreements and partnerships with the Chinese giant and i business relations between Washington and Beijing. All this without forgetting the repercussions on the roadmaps established by operators for the installation of 5G networks globally. In short, a more than delicate issue, a skein that today seems difficult to unravel.

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