the official and final text sent to the European Commission

At the end of a process started in December 2018, today the Ministry of Economic Development announces the publication of the final text of the Integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate. The Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport contributed to its definition.

PNIEC: the text and objectives of the Plan

Sent to the European Commission on PNIEC it is the result of a confrontation that also involved institutions, citizens and the business world. The document, which can be consulted in its entirety almost 300 pages, takes into account the innovations included in the Decree Law on Climate and what is foreseen with the signing of the Green New Deal already implemented by the Budget Law 2020. This is the comment of Stefano Patuanelli, Minister of Economic Development.

Italy's objective is to contribute decisively to the realization of an important change in the energy and environmental policy of the European Union, through the identification of shared measures that are able to also accompany the transition taking place in the productive world towards the Green New Deal.

The stated aim is to reach the national targets set for 2030 on issues such as energy efficiency, exploitation of renewables in the production of energy and reduction of CO2 emissions. The Plan also intervenes on security, interconnections, market (with reference to competitiveness), development strategies and mobility.

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Below is an extract of what is read in the document regarding the position taken by theItaly about the sustainability.

This Plan intends to contribute to a broad transformation of the economy, in which decarbonisation, the circular economy, efficiency and the rational and equitable use of natural resources together represent objectives and tools for an economy more respectful of people. and the environment, within a framework of integration of the national energy markets into the single market and with adequate attention to the accessibility of prices and the security of supplies and supplies.

The resources necessary for its implementation will be allocated during the year through a series of decrees implementing the European directives.

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