The new Opera 52 for Android – better than Google Chrome?

Opera browser for Android with built-in adblock.

Opera on Android has just been updated. The popular web browser marked with the number 52 brings a handful of changes and improvements that make it an even more sensible alternative to the currently most popular Google Chrome. What’s new waiting for you in the Opera 52 application?

First of all, the function of embedded best VPN has been improved with update number 51. When enabled, a connection occurs between the mobile device and the remote VPN server, guaranteeing privacy of the connection and hiding the actual location. It’s a great way to ensure your safety when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks.

From now the Opera browser, or rather “Opera with a VPN service”, because that is its official name in the Polish Google Store, offers extended support for PDF files. The user can print any web page or save it to PDF. The save option is available from the level of the menu activated by tapping three dots in the upper corner of the screen.

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Opera 52 is also easier and more convenient to create cards and view your bookmarks. The appearance of the interface has been improved, which now seems a bit more intuitive.

It is worth remembering that Opera for Android has a built-in ad blocking function, which hardly any popular browser has.

Opera for Android is now available for download in its latest version in the Play Store. You can download the desktop version of Opera browser here.

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