The new Google rules for political advertising

Responding to a need recently expressed also by Europe, the Mountain View group announces a revision of the policy that regulates the appearance on its platforms of advertisements concerning political parties, movements and candidates. In other words, Google introduces new rules for thepolitical advertising.

From Google new rules for online election campaigns

The announcement comes at a hot time as far as the topic is concerned: Twitter has decided to completely ban this type of sponsorship, while Facebook has chosen the way of monetization by appealing to freedom of speech. Aware of the election campaign for the USA 2020 presidential elections that will soon take place, bigG is setting some new stakes. Google's services will not be allowed to post ads to users based on information regarding their faith or votes cast in the past.

It will still be allowed customize campaigns based on parameters such as age, gender and postal code, while the possibility of going into more detail by sending a specific message to a specific location will be denied. Yes to the so-called contextual advertising or those shown on the basis of the content used or reproduced, be they articles, videos or other.

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The changes to the policy will enter into force within the next few weeks in the UK, before citizens are called to vote on December 12, to then be applied globally starting January 6, 2020. These are the words of Scott Spencer (VP, Product Management of Google Ads).

We are proud of how people around the world use Google to find relevant information about the elections and how candidates rely on Google and ads to collect small donations to fund their campaigns. However, taking into account the recent concerns raised and the debates about political advertising, as well as the importance of a shared trust in the democratic process, we want to increase voter confidence in advertisements of this type that they could see on our platforms.

According to the voice of the Transparency Report of Google dedicated to political advertising, from 30 May 2018 this type of Advertisement it earned the group 127.8 million dollars only in the United States (7.1 million euros in the old continent since March 20, 2019). In the US, the association that spent the most turns out to be the Trump Make America Great Again Committee with $ 8.5 million.

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