the most sought after in Italy and in the world

The research trends that Google public at the end of each year provide an indication of how and why surfers approach the big network, what information they want and which topics are of greatest interest. Today the Mountain View group announces its trends 2019 now almost come to an end.

The trends on Google in 2019 in Italy

Let us first focus our attention on theItaly, where the disappearance of the television presenter Nadia Toffa has generated a huge volume of queries, so as to become both the term and the most searched character. In the do-it-yourself category dominate the Christmas gnomes, but many people seem to want to build even one henhouse. The introduction of Citizenship Income has led many to seek Question Navigator among the things to do (before Rubik's cube is Tie knot). Many then questioned the meaning of Machu Picchu and why The government has fallen. The question of why is also on the rise They are called Sardines, with reference to the newborn national movement that is filling the squares.

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Trends recorded on Google in Italy during 2019

TO global level instead they dominated India vs South Africa (cricket), the Copa America, the football player Antonio Brown, the actor Jussie Smollett, the film Avengers: Endgame is game of Thrones among the TV series. There is also the inevitable celebratory movie that pays tribute to those who according to bigG are the heroes of our time.

Different cut for YouTube Rewind 2019, film that traces the trends and the catchphrases of the year on the streaming platform.

The clip, for over five and a half minutes, opens with an admission: the previous YouTube Rewind 2018 was the video with more dislike in the history of the platform, so much so as to push Susan Wojcicki to intervene on the matter recognizing the mistake committed. of trends emerged this year in our country we wrote last week in a dedicated article.

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