the Ministry of Defense says no to Huawei devices

Comes a little surprisingly Spain a new ban for branded devices Huawei. Unlike what happened in the United States this time there is no mention of 5G or Entity List, but of the prohibition to employees and collaborators of the Ministry of Defence to use smartphones and tablets of the Chinese giant during work.

Spain: no to Huawei devices for the Ministry of Defense

Once out of the office they can do what they want, as long as the devices are not used to connect to server institution, not even to consult the e-mail. It should be emphasized that there are no bans or stops for consumers. Huawei products will continue to be sold in Spain as it has been until today, without any imposition or limit.

The Spanish site that reported the news, La Información, does not mention the reasons for this choice. We can however hypothesize that at the base there are the same fears related to alleged operations of cyberspionaggio repeatedly feared by the USA. The Shenzhen group continues to forcefully reject any accusation, stating that during its thirty years of activity in over 170 countries around the world it has never been responsible for any violation.

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