the launch was anticipated

The wait for the launch of Disney + in Europe it has suddenly shortened by a week: instead of making its debut on March 31, 2020 as anticipated in recent months, the platform will arrive in the old continent on March 24, 2020, also in Italy. The new date is official, also reported on the website of the service.

Disney + in Italy on 31 March 24

The subscription price for access to the catalog is set in 6.99 euros per month or in 69.99 euros per year if you decide to make the payment in a single tranche. Included in the catalog, among others, the films and episodes of the Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic TV series.

The expense entitles you to create seven user profiles and to stream to four different devices simultaneously (computer, smartphone, tablet and so on), with resolution support 4K. In addition, the subscription provides the ability to download content on up to ten devices for playback in offline mode. There will also be features dedicated to parental control.

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Some of the original and exclusive Disney + content

In the image above some of the original and exclusive content of the platform. It will be precisely by focusing on the quality and variety of its catalog that Disney + will try to put the wheels in the competition, primarily Netflix which today dominates the sector with its 158 million subscribers (data updated last October) at the level global. A lower subscription cost and an offer aimed primarily at children and families could prove to be winning cards.

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