the Irish DPC launches an investigation

With a brief press release shared on its official website, the Irish authority yesterday Data Protection Commission announced the start of ainvestigation on the activity of Google and more particularly on the processing of data relating to location of users. A theme of which we have already written on these pages in recent years. The action was taken following numerous reports received from associations active in consumer protection distributed throughout Europe.

The issues raised have to do with concerns regarding the legality of how Google processes location data and transparency regarding the transaction.

Google: the investigation into the location of the DPC

The main main objective is to verify whether everything is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, the continental legislation on data processing in force for almost a couple of years now on EU territory. In detail, we intend to shed light on the methods of obtaining consent for the collection of information and on what a possible violation entails in terms of privacy. The investigation was launched in Ireland since that's where the Mountain View team established their European headquarters.

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BigG immediately received the willingness to collaborate with the DPC to clarify. It is in his interest, with a view to continuing to build and strengthen the relationship of trust that binds the company to its users.

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