The Internet of Senses will be a reality within ten years

After the Internet of Things it will be up to the Internet of Senses. This is what emerges from the ninth edition of the report Hot Consumer Trends published by Ericsson and compiled on the basis of what emerged by questioning consumers in 24 cities around the world: the advent of a new service economy based on sensory experiences in the digital field.

The era of the Internet of Senses will come

Our brain will become ainterface, hypothesis among other things already examined by some experimental projects. We will be able to dialogue in a bidirectional way without touching any screen and without giving voice commands, simply by thinking. That's why the mind is indicated as sixth Sense, a fundamental element and an integral part of the Internet of Senses along with smell, sight, taste, touch and hearing.

The six senses of the Internet of Senses, according to Ericsson

A science fiction scenario? To understand how fast technological progress is running, with all that follows in terms of positive and not positive repercussions, let's remember how just a little over a decade ago most of us did not have a smartphone. It will in any case be necessary to accompany theinnovation, address it according to the principles of respect and sustainability.

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Below are ten points that emerged from the study conducted by Ericsson Consumer Lab on what are the forecasts regarding what technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, 5G, cloud is automation will make it possible by 2030.

  1. Just think of a destination to be able to see on the VR viewers the route traced by the maps;
  2. using a microphone it will be possible to imitate anyone's voice in a realistic way;
  3. devices will be able to improve the taste of food thanks to the use of digital technologies;
  4. you can walk through forests and countryside thanks to digital technologies, also recognizing natural odors;
  5. there will be smartphones with screens that can restore the shape and consistency of icons and buttons;
  6. by 2030 the experiences of gaming in virtual reality will be indistinguishable from the physical dimension;
  7. information services will take fact checking extensively within a decade;
  8. the issues related to the issue of privacy will be solved so as to be able to safely take advantage of the related advantages of the data driven world;
  9. the Internet of Senses will make society more environmentally sustainable;
  10. digital shopping centers will be created where you can use the five senses during shopping.
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The potential reach of the Internet of Senses will extend from personal experiences (shopping, entertainment etc.) to applications intended to have a impact on the community (for example the analysis of behavior in smart cities). We close with the words of Pernilla Jonsson, number one of Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab.

We are talking about an epochal transition, from the current connectivity connected to smartphones to the immersive experiences deriving from the connection of our senses. This report explores what this change can mean for consumers, a scenario in which augmented reality viewers represent the access point.

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