the future is Galileo Galilei

THE'Internet Festival 2019 it is a compass and it is because it has merit: it has hit the mark. The choice of the theme, in fact, is combined with the roots of the place where the event was born and developed over the years. The place is in fact that of the streets of Pisa, home of Galileo Galilei, land where the experimental scientific method; the theme, instead, is that of the "rules of the game", that is the intricate system of prohibitions and duties with which we try to get out of the chaos. There is a common thread that unites these two poles: it is the Arno, it is the time passed from 1500 to today, it is that cultural evolution that brings us today to sit on the shoulders of giants while feeling hopelessly lost.

Let's pay attention, we of the metaphysical age of fake news, we who need Greta not to forget to listen to scientists, we who entrust to a social network the emergence or not of truths and dogmas of the everyday, we who regularly end up in offside as soon as innovation raises the pressure: inevitably, in a recurring way, always and only like extreme ratio, let's go back to appealing to science. We do this because at a certain point we again need reference points to which we can entrust our destiny. So here they are our cardinal points at a time when too many cultural architraves have fallen: science, with the strength of the scientific method, is there to observe us to suggest that a Truth with a capital "V" still exists. Can it be questioned? Of course, but not continuously and not simply on a quantitative or emotional basis.

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# IF2019, the Truth and the experimental scientific method

Internet Festival 2019 (Pisa, 10-13 October) is the image of a society that, a moment before making yet another saving appeal to science, wonders if it is possible to write rules of the game that would allow us to avoid losing ourselves. What are the rules of the game when the truth (with the lowercase "v" is set to like hits? What are the rules of the game when appearing and perceiving emerge with greater force than being and knowing? What led us to these detours? What have we lost on the way in this cultural transformation?

The experimental scientific method says the opposite: a phenomenon is observed, a hypothesis is formulated, the experiment is performed, the data are analyzed, a conclusion is reached. How many times do we reach conclusions today without having supporting data, having conducted completely partial and finalized experiments, for the sole purpose of supporting a phenomenon (or even just to give the impression that the phenomenon exists)? Useless to lie to ourselves: we are surrounded by fiction and perception, for better or for worse.

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Where the Arno flows as a metaphor of time, the 2019 Internet Festival is born when it reaches under the Ponte di Mezzo: the importance of rules, in the definition of a Truth, is the basis for establishing our own identity, the our being-society, the definition of problems, the search for solutions, everything. In the era of instantaneousness, of the immaterial and of the immanent, believing in the experimental scientific method means observing from the shoulders of giants without losing orientation. Galileo Galilei tells us about it through his lands, his streets, his origins. Pisa reminds us of this with this event: # IF2019 is an ambitious appeal to memory, so that the "Forms of the future" that we are going to invent do not lose their human dimension. The future cannot be separated from the past, because the water that passes under the Ponte di Mezzo is the same whether you look upstream or look downstream.

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