The Facebook app activates the camera, but it's a bug

It went exactly as planned: Facebook has collected the feedback (and justified complaints) of iOS users who have noticed an unexpected activation of the camera during the scrolling of the Feed in the social network application, defining the behavior the consequence of a bugs. Already in the distribution phase, the fix to correct the problem.

Facebook activates the camera, but it's a bug

The Android version of the app is completely immune. The team at work on the software seems to have identified the cause of the anomalous behavior, intervening and trying to remedy it as quickly as possible with the release of a updating, to prevent yet another tile from falling on a company that has already been repeatedly targeted by the authorities for that which without fear of denial can be labeled as a lack of attention to what concerns the privacy of its members. Below is the speech by Guy Rosen, Vice President of the Integrity division of the social network, which responds to the author of the first report.

Thanks for pointing this out. Looks like a bug, we're investigating.

Another post confirms the arrival of patch in the form of updates for the iOS application.

Today we will submit a fix for the problem to the App Store.

Further clarifications in subsequent posts in which details on the nature of the problem are provided, reassuring users that no images and no videos have been uploaded to the Facebook servers. A story that in any case does not help to reassure the platform community, considering the many slips passed on the front privacy.

We recently discovered that our iOS application is mistakenly launched horizontally. With an update last week we inadvertently introduced a bug that causes the partial activation of the camera when an image is selected. We have no evidence of photo or video uploads due to this.

We received confirmation that nothing was sent to FB due to the bug and that the camera did not capture anything since it was in "preview" mode. We have uploaded a corrected version on the App Store which is already in the rollout phase.

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