The eye of European antitrust on Google for data collection

There European Commission confirmed at the weekend that it had started a new one investigation on the work of Google, this time focusing attention on how to data collection and on practices that allow the group to monetize information obtained from users.

Europe: the eye of antitrust on Google for data

Confirmation came directly from the body antitrust continental, which through a spokesman at the weekend entrusted a brief statement (shown below in translated form) to the pages of Reuters.

The Commission sent questionnaires as part of a preliminary investigation into Google's practices regarding the collection and use of data. The procedure is in progress.

According to how leaked the Brussels eye is focused in particular on local search services, "ad targeting" (personalized insertions), authentication methods, Web browsers (Chrome) and online advertising. This last activity still represents the main source of profits for the parent company Alphabet, despite a business model that gradually became diversified over time, reaching areas that range from medicine to machine learning, from hardware devices to the cloud.

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Over the past few years, under the leadership of Margrethe Vestager, the European Commission has arrived sanctions for a total value of over 8 billion for bigG: 4.34 billion for the search engine, 2.42 billion for Google Shopping and 1.49 billion for advertising.

For its part, the Mountain View group commented on the news stating once again how theuse of information its ultimate aim is to improve the quality of the services offered and that users have the possibility to manage, delete or freely transfer their data at any time.

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