The dark side of ride sharing in the Uber Safety Report

3,045 cases of sexual harassment, 58 deaths due to accidents and 9 homicides. These are some of the numbers reported in Safety Report that photographs the activity of Uber in the US territory referring exclusively to 2018. The document, the first of its kind shared by the company (link to the full version at the end of the article), on the one hand highlights the extent to which the group's range of action has come to extend into widespread throughout the USA, while on the other it brings out a less reassuring side of the ride sharing.

Uber: ride sharing and security

"It is important to understand the scale of Uber's business in interpreting this data." Thus the company invites to filter the information taking into account the fact that only in United States are managed further 4 million rides every day, 45 per second, totaling about 1.3 billion last year.

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Going into more detail, taking into consideration the 3,045 cases of sexual harassment (up compared to 2,936 in 2017), on 235 occasions these were actions attributable to a real rape. In this regard it is good to point out that to report the violence are not only the passengers, but also the drivers, more or less equally.

For his part Uber makes it known that he has removed more than 40,000 drivers from its own platform, from last year to today, based also on the evaluations generated a system that takes into account both the criminal record and the infringements at the wheel committed in the past. He also maintains that what happens on his own means is nothing but the mirror of society.

For users, i passenger, some measures have been implemented in the application (or are about to be) safety like a button for quick reporting of an emergency or automatic recording of audio through the smartphone's microphone so you can monitor what happens on board vehicles. This last feature is currently being tested.

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