the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation takes the field

Even the Bill Gates Foundation and his wife Melinda at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus. The two made available $ 10 million to be used to support the emergency operations in progress in China and Africa with the aim of containing the spread of the pathogen 2019-nCoV. According to the contagion map based on data from the World Health Organization, there is currently only one known case in the African continent in Ivory Coast.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a donation against coronavirus

Half of the amount will be destined for the Asian country, where the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation claims to have already activated itself to collaborate with public and private realities in order to provide support both as regards the operations of diagnosis both for the patient care affected by the disease. These include the National Health Commission, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and research institutes linked to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xiamen University and Sinopharm China National Biotec Group.

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The other half is instead available to Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It will serve primarily for the prevention, through the setting up of structures and workstations for the monitoring and treatment of suspect cases as well as for carrying out laboratory tests and isolating any subjects who came into contact with the coronavirus.

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