The best Linux distributions in 2019. Which Linux should I choose?

Deciding which Linux is the best is like discussing Easter’s superiority over Christmas. Everyone has different needs, everyone has different preferences. An ideal OS for one person may prove to be completely useless for another – we are fully aware of this. Still, here we will try to offer you several Linux distributions for various applications.

The best Linux for beginners


Surprised? I don’t think so. This is without a doubt one of the most popular Linux distributions, which is also extremely friendly to new users of this system. It is easy to install and use of it does not require regular visits to the command line. The user interface is GNOME, which is the essence of transparency, productivity and simple navigation. Installing Drivers? Ubuntu will search for them automatically as soon as it detects new hardware. Immediately after installing the system on board there is a whole set of necessary programs – a movie player, music player and a few other entertainment applications.

The best Linux similar to Windows

Zorin OS

This may seem surprising, but many people in Linux are looking for … similarity to Windows. The Linux system is chosen for many different reasons – including ideological ones. There are people who value the Windows interface but do not want to use the Microsoft solution. Zorin OS comes to the rescue, which has recently received a new release. The Ubuntu-based distribution is remarkably similar to the paid system of the Redmond giant. An additional advantage is the huge database of programs delivered with it – everyone can find something for themselves. Estets will appreciate the ability to easily customize the appearance of the system to their preferences thanks to the topic manager.

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The most beautiful Linux

Elementary OS

There are really many eye-catching Linux distributions. We want to recommend Elementary OS to your attention – and we hope you don’t have enough of Ubuntu based distributions yet. The Pantheon environment looks really phenomenal and you can see the inspiration from Apple’s macOS system at almost every step. Yes, for many it will be an advantage. The interface is transparent, minimalistic and helps you focus on your work. Unlike Zorin OS, this distribution has virtually no pre-installed software. You can install the necessary apps conveniently from the AppCenter. As with previous proposals from our list, Elementary OS can be personalized very conveniently.

The best Linux for an old computer

Linux Mint Mate

Windows 10 may not be a super-heavy system, but compared to most Linux it has a really big demand for resources. If you are looking for a convenient system that works well also on computers with low computing power, go for the Linux Mint version Mate. Requirements? 512 MB RAM (!) And only 9 GB of disk space. Linux Mint Mate may not surprise you with graphic fireworks, but it will provide a clear, functional work environment and basic multimedia tasks. The advantages include a large repository of available software and easy driver installation.

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The best Linux for privacy lovers


If you put privacy first, you’re wondering which Linux distribution guarantees the highest level of security. In this case, we would bet on Tails. The creators of this distro at every step emphasize features that allow you to remain anonymous on the web. The system routes all network traffic through the Tor network to prevent all of your activities from being detected. The Debian-based system has a surprisingly friendly interface using the GNOME desktop. It is hard to recommend Tails to anyone, but in its niche it is basically unrivaled. Suffice it to say that Edward Snowden himself used OS.

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