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The organization of audio content on the web, in particular podcasts and news, is today similar to what happened in the 90s for information sites: an enormous potential, but not without difficulty in reaching the right source or the most interesting articles. This is the vision of Mountain View, which has designed a novelty for the purpose of remedying it.Google Assistant.

Your News Update for the Google Assistant

The functionality Your News Update makes its debut with the aim of automating the search as well as the aggregation of audio content related to the latest news, so that they can then be reproduced and listened to by the user through a simple voice command, regardless of the device used: at home with a smart speaker, in the car via the infotainment system or on the move on a smartphone. The debut takes place today, limited to the United States and the English language, while the international rollout is set for next year.

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All you have to do is say "Hey Google, play me the news" ("Hey Google, let me hear the news") and automatically the AI ​​will produce an audio stream created with the latest news related to events in the world, taking into account the personal preferences of each, his interests and the place where he is. If a content is not to your liking you can move on to the next simply by asking artificial intelligence, ordering it to execute one skip. The configuration of the parameters that contribute to the Feed generation is accessible among the dedicated options in the Google Assistant app.

Google Assistant: Your News Update feature arrives

The initiative was fielded by bigG in collaboration with dozens of newspapers and editors overseas. These include ABC Audio, CBS Local, PRX, USA Today, ABC, Fox News, The Washington Post, Al Jazeera, CNN, The Hollywood Reporter, Mashable, Reuters, Associated Press, Daily Beast, NBA, AXIOS, KQED, Billboard and Politic.

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