the Antitrust Authority investigates Amazon and eBay

Amazon is eBay they immediately acted against looting actions that soon emerged with the explosion of the Coronavirus emergency, but containing this multiplication of advertisements has become as complex as containing the infections. L'Antitrust he could not stand by and watch and thus launched a warning against the two groups, asking for more information especially within some phenomena closely related to the purchase requests of the most frightened users.

Amazon and eBay targeted by the Antitrust Authority

The Authority, today, has launched two separate investigations against the Amazon (Amazon Italia Customer Service, Amazon Eu, Amazon Service Europe) and Ebay (Ebay Italia and Ebay Gmbh) platforms concerning some profiles related to the marketing of sanitizing products / hand sanitizers, respiratory protective masks and other sanitation products on the occasion of the health emergency resulting from Covid-19 (so-called Corona Virus).

In the sights of theGuarantor Authority for Competition on the Market there are so many individual products that fear some efficacy to fight the infection (for example more or less certified and effective masks), but also the unjustified increase in prices in the wake of growing panic.

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The investigation would start from a long sequence of reports: "The Authority, in consideration of the particular moment in which traditional forms of trade are limited, has simultaneously decided to focus its attention on similar phenomena also operated on other ecommerce platforms".

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